To Read, To Write and To Learn Something New

I’ve been thinking I should use my time this winter, when it’s freezing or snowing outside and I don’t want to go anywhere, to work on accomplishing the things on the list below. So, stay warm, have a hot cocoa, grab a blanket, and maybe you’ll come up with some of your own winter-time ideasContinue reading “To Read, To Write and To Learn Something New”

It’s Election Day! Kids Vote Too!

Tonight I volunteered for an organization that lets kids do mock ballots and vote, to get in the practice of voting and understanding the process. The ballots had photos of each of the candidates next to their name. I heard some adults say why don’t they have those on the adult ballots? Kids loved beingContinue reading “It’s Election Day! Kids Vote Too!”

My Entertaining Pets- And More!

The Life of a Homeowner Do you ever have one of those weekends where you do so much, you feel like you accomplished something, but you just wish you had a couple more days to the weekend to do some more? Or at least wish one of the days was several hours longer? That’s howContinue reading “My Entertaining Pets- And More!”