The Masque Theatre’s Final Curtain Closes- A Past Student’s View

“Welcome to the final showing of Alphabet Soup,” Sylvia Langworthy said, standing in the middle of the stage in the black box theatre at the Masque Youth Theatre and School, Inc. in Rochester, Minn. Sylvia was retiring after being the artistic director for the past 23 years. The Masque was closing its doors after beingContinue reading “The Masque Theatre’s Final Curtain Closes- A Past Student’s View”

The Classic Cold After the Holidays

I’ve been so busy the past few weeks, going to so many get-togethers. It was all fun but tiring! So I got the classic cold a few days after Christmas. But, thankfully, my cold hasn’t been as bad as my colds normally are. I’m just really tired! I enjoyed times with family and friends- someContinue reading “The Classic Cold After the Holidays”