India– Driving About Northern India

After arriving in India, we thankfully saw the representative from the travel company holding a sign with our names at the airport. He led us to our car, and we met our driver who would be driving us around northern India during our trip. Hiring a car and driver was one of the best decisionsContinue reading “India– Driving About Northern India”

India, An Experience for the Senses

 India. I’d heard before I went that it was the land of many smells, that people loved the country or hated it, that it wasn’t safe, that it was dirty, unsanitary and crowded. I sometimes had the feeling that people thought it was a little weird that I’d even consider going there. And then IContinue reading “India, An Experience for the Senses”

A Road Trip Through Canada—Alone but Content

I’m not always a solo traveler. But, earlier this summer, after a few friends I’d traveled with previously weren’t able to join me, I found myself without a travel buddy to set off on a trip through Canada with me. So I decided to travel alone to our neighboring country to the north, to exploreContinue reading “A Road Trip Through Canada—Alone but Content”

My Travel Mishap—When My Transport to the Airport Went Awry

I’ve traveled quite a bit. And I’ve had my share of unexpected adventures and travel mishaps, such as the time I almost ended up sleeping on a beach in Cinque Terre after a hotel cancelled our reservation, or the time I exited off the train at the wrong train station in Genoa… But it wasContinue reading “My Travel Mishap—When My Transport to the Airport Went Awry”

A Green River, A Leprechaun and Green Drinks: St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

I’d heard Chicago was an Irish town, and that Chicago threw a great Saint Patrick’s Day party. Chicago has a parade and many other festivities every year for Saint Patrick’s Day. But I hadn’t had a chance to experience it until this year. My friends and I spent the weekend in downtown Chicago over St.Continue reading “A Green River, A Leprechaun and Green Drinks: St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago”

Snorkeling Adventure in the Cayman Islands

I’d always wanted to snorkel. It’s on my bucket list. So, since I was going to the Cayman Islands, it only seemed appropriate that I go snorkeling. My friends and I made sure we put snorkeling on our list of things to do while in Grand Cayman. I’d gotten a couple recommendations from friends whoContinue reading “Snorkeling Adventure in the Cayman Islands”

Winter Carnival and Ice Castles in Minnesota

It was a cold bright winter day. But it was sunny, and it was time to celebrate winter, at least for the day. A few friends and I visited the Winter Carnival in Saint Paul, Minn. Bundled up in warm winter coats, sweatshirts, jeans, hats, scarfs and mittens, we were ready to explore the WinterContinue reading “Winter Carnival and Ice Castles in Minnesota”

Night Kayaking in Grand Cayman

When I first read about night kayaking in Grand Cayman, it sounded like a pretty cool adventure. I read that in a certain bay, you could go kayaking with a guide in glowing (bioluminescent) waters at night. Awesome. So we decided to take the bioluminescence tour one night with Cayman Kayaks during our vacation inContinue reading “Night Kayaking in Grand Cayman”