Snorkeling Adventure in the Cayman Islands

I’d always wanted to snorkel. It’s on my bucket list. So, since I was going to the Cayman Islands, it only seemed appropriate that I go snorkeling. My friends and I made sure we put snorkeling on our list of things to do while in Grand Cayman. I’d gotten a couple recommendations from friends whoContinue reading “Snorkeling Adventure in the Cayman Islands”

Winter Carnival and Ice Castles in Minnesota

It was a cold bright winter day. But it was sunny, and it was time to celebrate winter, at least for the day. A few friends and I visited the Winter Carnival in Saint Paul, Minn. Bundled up in warm winter coats, sweatshirts, jeans, hats, scarfs and mittens, we were ready to explore the WinterContinue reading “Winter Carnival and Ice Castles in Minnesota”